Sunday, April 17, 2011

Activities for Children in Memphis -- Tuesday

There are quite a few things for children to do in Memphis on Tuesdays.

10 AM -- My First Book Club at the Children's Museum of Memphis
Gracie and I attended this special storytime a few weeks ago. Overall, we enjoyed it. The girl read the story, we did a craft, and ate snacks. It's supposed to be for ages 2-4, which I didn't know until I was looking up information to write this post, but the girl didn't say anything and Gracie did fine.

10:30 AM -- Bookworms (Storytime) at the Collierville Library (ages 3-5)
We haven't yet gone to this since Gracie is not yet old enough.

11 AM -- Storytime at Davis-Kidd Bookstore
This is, in my opinion, THE BEST Storytime in Memphis! Mrs. Marjorie does a fabulous job with the children! She sings songs, interacts with them, and reads a story. There are specially-made bleachers for moms and kids to sit on. There are also two train tables and other toys for children to enjoy while at the bookstore. During Storytime, the trains go "night-night" so as not to be a distraction for the children.

11 AM -- Storytime at Barnes & Noble Bookstore near the Wolfchase Mall
Gracie and I went to this one one time. The lady did an ok job reading. I would not clear my schedule to go to this particular Storytime; however, if we happened to be there or in the immediate area, I would let Gracie attend every once in a while.

12-6 PM -- Memphis Botanic Gardens
I read somewhere that entrance to the Memphis Botanic Gardens is free on Tuesday afternoons. However, I could not find anything about it on their website. Weather permitting, Gracie and I will be going here this Tuesday afternoon. I want to take Easter/Spring pictures of her among the beautiful flowers.

1 PM -- Super Sing-A-Long at the Children's Museum of Memphis
We haven't been to this activity yet.

1-5 PM -- Lichterman Nature Center
Robert and I have been meaning to go here for a couple of years, but we haven't made it there yet. Admission is free on Tuesday afternoons.

1-5 PM -- Pink Palace Museum
For me and Robert, the best thing about the Pink Palace Museum is the IMAX Theater. This is the only public movie theater that we attend. The exhibits are fun (I've been there on school field trips), and the planetarium show was ok. Entrance to the exhibits only is free on Tuesday afternoons. I think Gracie is old enough now that she would enjoy seeing some of the exhibits.

2:00 PM (1st and 3rd Tuesdays of each month) -- Wiggles & Tickles (Storytime) at the Collierville Library (ages 6 months to 23 months)
We have not yet been to this particular Storytime. We did attend another one that is held on Thursdays and really enjoyed it. I really, really like this library. I wish it were part of the Memphis Public Library system and/or that we lived closer to it!

2-5 PM -- Memphis Zoo
Gracie and I visited the Memphis Zoo with some friends from Beautiful Bundles last summer. Tuesday afternoons are free for Tennessee residents (however, parking will still set you back $5). There was a long line to get in, but it went through very quickly as all you had to do was flash your ID. The zoo is a great place, and I look forward to taking Gracie again. I'm hoping to get a gift membership for Christmas next year.

3:30 PM -- Family Trivia at the Children's Museum of Memphis
We have not attended this activity yet as Gracie is still too young to participate.
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