Sunday, May 1, 2011

iMac: Time Capsule and Time Machine

When Robert and I recently attended a One-to-One session at our local Apple Store, our trainer, Bob, said that there would be a possibility of me losing my photos and videos when I synced my iPhone 4 to iTunes on our new iMac.  That gave me a heart attack and a half.  Robert, knowing how important my photos and videos of our daughter Gracie are to me, decided that we'd get the Time Capsule which is a wireless external hard drive.  The Time Capsule, combined with the Time Machine application on the iMac will automatically back up the entire system.  Anything that doesn't require my time and attention to operate is a good thing in my book.

Robert connected the Time Capsule to our AT&T U-verse router (with help from me and an innovative use of a yardstick -- do you really want to know?) and then I set to work getting it set up on our computer.  The first time I did it, I guessed at the choices -- the little user manual is NO HELP AT ALL.  When it was all said and done, it gave a horrible message:  Airport Utility was unable to find any wireless device......  It had a button to Rescan which still didn't solve the problem.

I tried powering off and powering on the Time Capsule to no avail.  Then I tried resetting it by pushing a pen into the little reset hole for a couple of seconds.  That didn't work, either.

I went back to my friend Google and found the suggestion to push a pen in the reset hole, leave it in and unplug the power cord, then plug it back in (while holding then pen in the reset hole), and leaving the pen in the hole until the amber light flashes fast.  So I did that, and Airport Utility came up saying that it found the Time Capsule.  I had to redo the settings.  This time I did a few more Google searches and made the following selections:

Before, I had chosen the first option.

Because we have the Time Capsule connected to our router with the Ethernet cord, I chose the second option.

The Time Capsule functions as a bridge off of the U-verse router.

Everything else was very user specific and worked just fine.

I now have the Time Capsule running its first backup.

Update:  Early this morning (about 6 AM) I woke up to the sound of thunder and rain and the flash of lightning.  I got up and shut down the iMac and unplugged both it and the Time Capsule.  After church, I plugged the Time Capsule back in (there is no power button, it's either plugged in and on or unplugged and off), plugged the computer in and turned it on.  After logging in, a window popped up asking what network did I want to connect to.  I selected our wireless internet and put in the password, but it would not connect.  I also restarted the computer.  I checked my iPhone and iPad and saw that they were connecting just fine.  The only thing that had changed was the Time Capsule.  Finally, this is what worked:  I first started up the iMac and then started up the Time Capsule.  It automatically connected, and all is well.

The first backup is still running.  I think it's about 3/4 done.  Surely, by morning it will all be backed up.
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