Tuesday, May 17, 2011

LifeJot and Packing Lists

hI am a listmaker.  I have always been one; in fact, some time ago, I found a list I'd made when I was 7 years old.  It was a packing list of things to take to my Grandma's.  On this list, I divided it into two parts:  One part was for my mom to pack, stuff like clothes and underwear.  The other part was for me to pack, stuff like Barbies and books and fun things like that.

I still like to make packing lists.  A great website for helping me do this is LifeJot.  LifeJot advertises itself primarily for helping with shopping lists; however, I've tweaked it to use it for my packing lists and for Home Projects lists as well.

My packing lists are very comprehensive and detailed.  I don't like the thought of forgetting anything.  Some items are not necessary every time, but at least they're there for me to remember in case I need to.

Here are a few screen shots of my packing list just in case you want to use it as a springboard for making your own.


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