Saturday, May 14, 2011

Look What I Did! (Graphic Design with MSWord)

Hello, dear Readers!

I am very excited because this old dog has learned some new tricks!

Before I tell you all about it, let me just say that I'm a long-time user of Microsoft Word (and Microsoft Works).  I love both programs and have done a number of different types of documents with them.  Until a couple of days ago, I thought I'd maxed out my potential with these programs.  Not so!

I found this blog post by ReMarkable Home, a fairly new blog I stumbled upon and now follow.

Go ahead, click on that link and see what she did!  Then come back here to see my attempts.

So, what did you think?  Was that not pretty awesome?

One of my best friend's daughters is getting married next weekend.  I am very excited about attending.  The whole family moved out of state recently, and I miss them!  Once I saw those oh-so-cute cupcake toppers, I immediately got the idea to use the same techniques to make coaster-size decorations.

I've been working on them, mostly climbing the learning curve, for a couple of hours, maybe longer.

Here are my creations:

I know that the pink background looks different each one.  One reason is that I used two different techniques to lighten it up.  One the larger circles, I used the same technique that ReMarkable Home did by making a white partially-transparent circle to cover the pink circle.  The other technique is one that I accidentally found.  If you select your circle, two different Format menus will appear. One is for Drawing Tools and the other is for Picture.  By selecting the Format menu for the Picture, you can change the brightness of the picture.  That's what I did for the smaller circles.

I had a little bit of a time finding a good font.  The main one I used is called Mutlu and the other one (for the date) is called Renaissance.  Here are a couple of websites I visited:

Dafont (Be forewarned: I noticed that one font had crude language in its name.)
1001 Free Fonts

Feel free to send links showing your designs or other great tips on using MSWord.
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