Wednesday, June 1, 2011

PC Maintenance Help

A few years ago, I listened to a few podcasts by a couple on BlogTalkRadio who gave computer advice.  I didn't continue listening due to time and also because I found them to be annoying and VERY liberal.  I did pick up some pointers and took notes.  Here are a few things I learned.  Keep in mind that this is from a few years ago and, secondly, if you try any of them, it's at your own risk.  This is a rather disjointed type of post since it comes from notes I took on 3x5 cards.

McAfee Site Advisor allows you to download a widget that will help you determine if a website is safe to go to or not. has a LOT of computer programs to download to help you maintain your computer.

A few recommended programs that you can find on MajorGeeks:
SpyBot Search & Destroy
AVG Antivirus (I have personally used this a number of years ago and thought it did a great job finding and removing viruses.)

If you have a slow computer:
1.  Upgrade your memory -- buy the most RAM that you can afford

2.  You may have too much stuff in StartUp
Go to Run, type in msconfig
Click on the Startup tab
Uncheck the things you don't want it to run on startup

3.  ccleaner -- use this program (download from

4.  You may have a fragmented hard drive, so it would be good to "defrag" your computer.
There are some programs at that can help with that.

5.  You may be infected with viruses.

Recommended Firewall program:  comodo firewall

If you need an "office suite" but do not want to pay for MSOffice, go to OpenOffice and download their open source free program.  I have used this.

Every 3-6 months, vacuum your computer for dustbunnies.

If you have a laptop, get a chillmat to keep it cool.

Use BelArc Advisor to print out information about your computer system. Keep it on file and update regularly.

Weekly Tasks that you should do:
Spybot Search & Destroy (uncheck auto)
Spyware Doctor
Hard drive defragmenter
Spyware blaster
windows update
check firewall
backup data
wipe screen

Monthly Tasks that you should do:
Update software
Check paper & ink supply
Clean keyboard, mouse, exterior (use canned air)
Check backups
Check date & time

Semiannual Tasks that you should do:
Open up computer, evict dustbunnies using vacuum with brush attachment
Check UPS/power supply
Check ISP for better deals
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