Monday, July 11, 2011

Making Zoobies Toddler Proof

A few months ago, I took advantage of the opportunity to subscribe to Zoobies magazine for babies and toddlers for about $10.  Normally, it is $29.95 per year.  We received our first issue, which is about penguins, about three weeks ago.  Gracie LOVES this book!  It also came with an insert to make a paper penguin.  I put it together and "laminated" it with clear packing tape.  She also loves carrying that around with the book.
Unfortunately, she ripped out a few of the pages.  I was disappointed because I had hoped to be able to keep it intact and keep it for several years.

I put my "thinking cap" on and decided to rebind the magazine to hopefully make it rip-proof.

I got together some cardstock, a paper cutter, clear packing tape, some decorative brads, some cute penguin stickers, and a hole punch.

 I started off by tearing out each of the pages and then cutting the edges off so that they would all be about the same size.  I also cut the cardstock into strips about 1-1/4" x 6-1/2".

 I used the packing tape to tape together the cardstock strips and the Zoobies pages.

 After doing a couple of them, I decided to put a tiny bit of separation between the cardstock strip and the book page in order to make it easier to turn the page.

 I used the hole punch to punch hole through the cardstock strips, and inserted brads into the holes.  I covered the back of the brads with a long strip of clear packing tape.

 Finally, I added a cute Penguin sticker to the new binding.

 I also added more cute penguin stickers to some of the pages in the book.

All done!  "Bye-Bye!"

UPDATE:  Well, the brads didn't last a day!  I had a feeling that the prongs would be too short even with putting clear packing tape on the back.  Any ideas for binding it better?

UPDATE #2:  I put clear packing tape all around the new binding, but that didn't work well at all, either.  Gracie was able to pull out the middle pages.  So, I picked up some book rings from Walmart ($1.88 for a pack of 8 which included 4 small and 4 large rings -- I used the small rings.).  So far, so good.  Gracie has been able to look at her book, it has stayed intact.

The picture is not focused really well, but you can at least get the idea.

I plan on doing this same procedure to our future Zoobooks.
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