Friday, August 19, 2011

Balance and Discipline -- August 19, 2011

Well, this week was a dud as far as my goals went.  I began getting sick on Friday of last week, was sick all weekend, and did not feel next to normal until Wednesday.  I missed church, which I hate to do.  Robert was really good about looking after Gracie (He took her to church so that I could get some much-needed rest.) and looked after me as well.

I did get caught up on my magazine reading.  My office desk is now a mess, but I hope to rectify that very soon.

Oh, and I also cleaned out the refrigerator, throwing out a trashcan full of expired foods.  The fridge is better organized now.  I plan on making Thursday evenings "Clean out and reorganize the fridge" day.  Our garbage pickup is on Fridays, so it's a good day for it.  Maybe then we'll be better able to use up the foods we have.  One thing that irked me was that I bought a family size package of sliced cheese.  I've discovered that Gracie likes it, and I know Robert likes it for his sandwiches.  Earlier this week, I'd looked in the drawer where I keep the cheese and couldn't find any.  OF COURSE, when I opened up that drawer as I was putting away groceries, I immediately saw some sliced cheese (a regular sized package) that I'd bought a couple of weeks ago.  Where it came from, I don't know!

I'm keeping the same goals for this next week:  Get up early (6 AM), Complete Morning and Evening Routines, and Work on the Catch-All Room.

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