Friday, August 26, 2011

Balance and Discipline -- August 26, 2011

Sunday, August 21st:  Although in general I have a pretty good memory, it doesn't always extend to what happened the past week!  For that reason, I'm writing a mini-update a little early so I can tell about my weekend.
On Friday, I was able to get up early and get a few things done before I had to wake up Gracie and go for an appointment to help a church friend with her new toy (a negative and slide scanner).  When we got back home, I was able to get some shopping and housework done.  My husband had invited a couple from church over for supper on Saturday.  I was able to get the house "company-ready" by the time they arrived.  We had a great visit!  24 hours+ later, the house is still in pretty good shape. Usually by this time, it's pretty trashed between all the stuff that we drag out and leave around.  Monday is not a fun day due to having to clean up.  I'm trying to take care of messes soon after they happen, or in the case of my daughter's books, put them away before time to go night-night.

My pastor, Jack Bachman, (Calvary Baptist Church, Memphis, TN) preached a great sermon tonight about "To Compare or Not to Compare? That is the Question!"  I wanted to share some highlights because I think it could be of help to us. It certainly was to me.
To Compare or NOT to Compare? That is the Question!
Three Ways to NOT Compare:
1.  Do not compare yourself to the weak. (Romans 12:3)
In other words, do not compare yourself to someone else by saying "At least I don't _____ like that person!" This produces pride, complacency, apathy, laziness.  You are acting like a vulture circling around seeing prey to devour.

2.  Do not compare yourself with the strength of someone else. (Psalm 139)
This produces:
-discontentment with God (Psalm 139:14)
Thank God for how He made you!
-discouragement with self (low self-esteem which really is another form of pride)
-disdain with others (envying, jealousies, wrath)
The Bible says to "rejoice with them that rejoice"

3.  Do not compare yourself to someone else of another purpose.
In the Bible, we are likened to members of a body.  This would be like the hand comparing itself to the foot.  Each have different purposes and should not be compared.
In the same way, we are not made to do what others are made to do.
Some examples would be a husband comparing his wife to his mother, comparing your spouse to a coworker, comparing one child to another child.

Three Ways to DO Compare:
1.  Do compare you with what you were.  (I Cor. 6:9-11)
Don't forget where you came from.
Ask yourself:  Has there been any progress?  Are you heading in the right direction?
Pay attention and perform checkups regularly.  The longer you go in the wrong direction, the longer it takes to get back.
Be careful to look for any signs of backsliding or drifting away from God.

2.  Do compare yourself with what you could be. (Eph. 4:14-15)
"grow up in all things"  Set Spiritual goals for yourself.
It is too easy to grow stagnant.

3.  Do compare yourself with Jesus Christ (Eph 4:11-13)
How are you in your pursuit of Christ?

In his introduction, Bro. Bachman made the following (paraphrased) statements:  "God does not sit in Heaven comparing you to other people.  God compares you to your potential."

Points 2 and 3 of Three Ways to DO compare are the ones that I felt like related to Balance and Discipline.  My purpose in starting it was to provide a means of accountability for myself and a means of motivation to improve.  There are so many areas in which I need to improve.  It's all too easy to read about some amazing bloggers who seem to single-handedly take on the world very efficiently and with little trouble.  I try not to compare myself to them, though I do want to become better at what I try to do.  I do like the statement "God compares you to your potential."  It gives me pause to think, "Am I living up to my potential?  Is there something else I can do that would help me?  Is what I'm doing now related to living up to my potential?"

Friday, August 26, 2011:  All in all, this has been a pretty good week.  I've gotten a lot done in the way of errands, projects, mending, laundry, and keeping up with the house -- despite Gracie keeping an odd nap schedule this week.  I've been getting a good amount of extra Bible in by playing the audio Bible in the car.  In all honesty, I'm behind on my Bible reading for the year (church-wide reading schedule), and I hope to catch up with help from the audio Bible.  I was able to get up earlier than usual most days.  Tuesday was an exception because I stayed up TOO LATE on Monday night.

How about you? How did you fare this week?  Link up to the Linky Thingy below.
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