Monday, August 29, 2011

Evernote App for the Mac, iDevice, and Windows

I am always interested in finding new ways to organize my life and be more productive.  One person who I think is amazing at accomplishing a lot of great things is Cary Schmidt.  He is one of the assistant pastors at Lancaster Baptist Church in Lancaster, California.  He has a great blog that is well worth reading and has written articles on time management.  I was particularly interested in an article he wrote about iPad, iPhone, Apps, and Ideas....

In this article, he listed a number of apps that he uses on his iDevices.  I want to share one of the apps which is called Evernote.  Evernote is an app that allows you to record information that you want to keep for reference, categorize them in "notebooks," and access from either your computer (Mac or PC) or your iDevice via the Evernote app.

Evernote is quite easy to use.  You can import pictures from your phone or your computer.  You can copy text and photos from websites, or you can simply type in information.

I have not fully organized it as well as I would like.  You'll notice that my Miscellaneous notebook contains the most items (besides Recipes).

One way that I like to use Evernote is to save information from the blogs that I read.  When I read the blogs that I follow on Google Reader, I "star" the articles I want to keep for further action (either to respond to, to read more indepth, to save information, or to put in my Blog Post Roundup posts).  When I have time, or when I make time by staying up late, I go back to the starred items.  When I find information that I want to save in Evernote, I will do a quick copy, and then click on the elephant at the top of my screen and click on Paste to Evernote.  A new window will pop up, allowing me to put it in the notebook I want, change the title, and save it.  Actually, it's automatically saved; I just close the window.

Evernote does have some disadvantages.  The main disadvantage is that there is a monthly limit on how much you can store.  If I let my starred items on Google Reader pile up and go on a "review starred items" marathon, I can quickly begin to use up the monthly allotment.  I have never used it up, but I can see where it can be easy to do so.  I do, however, have a solution for this problem, and that is to use Pinterest.  I will write an article about Pinterest which will be posted on Wednesday.

Click here to read about Pinterest.
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