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This Week at the Library -- August 22, 2011

Gracie has been keeping a crazy nap schedule this week.  On Monday, she slept for almost three hours!  She woke up a little before 3:00, and I decided to go ahead and make a run to the library since I had a book on hold that I wanted to pick up.  I made it home just minutes before my husband which gave me just enough time to start supper before he came in.  On a side note, I have never seen Gracie run so fast and squeal "Dada!" with such over-the-top glee when she saw her Daddy pull up in his truck!  Love it!

I love how the library gives me a receipt that shows all of the books I've checked out.  It's a great way to refer to type out this list rather than gather them all up.  Some I do have to get and look at so I can make sure I put the correct Amazon link.

Gracie's Books:

Animals to Count by B. Wildsmith  Please note that the Amazon link is for the Spanish edition.  I couldn't find the English edition.
This type of artwork is not my favorite.  Each page has a different animal, the number of which corresponds to the number printed on that page.

Zoo Friends by K. R. Knight
This book shows wonderful, engaging pictures of real animals.  Each page spread has a flap for the baby to lift and see another picture.  The text is comprised of fun rhyming poems being said by the animals.  Great book!

Alphabet House by Nancy Elizabeth Wallace
I like this book.  A family of rabbits live in the alphabet house.  Each page focuses on a different letter and shows the rabbits with items that begin with that letter.  The illustrations look like colored paper cut out into shapes.

Buzzy Bee board book
This is a fun little book that shows Buzzy Bee "writing" each number (1-5) as he flies about.  There is a rhyme for each number.

That's Not My Teddy
This is a "touchy-feely" book with different textures glued into the pages.  I have not yet read this one with Gracie.  I think she will like it.

Quack! Quack! by Susan Baum
This book shows different animals and tells what sounds they make.  The animals are made with slick shiny paper.  I have not yet read this with Gracie, but I think she will like it.  She really likes making animal sounds.

Baby's Colors by Neil Ricklen
The book I have has a different cover than the one shown in the Amazon link.
This book is a fun book that shows live babies dressed up in particular colors with objects of the same color and a background of the same color.  Gracie seems to like it.

Leon Minds His Manners (Selling for $55!!  That's crazy!)
This book is similar to the Elly book from last week.  Same illustrator, and same type of story that exemplifies a character quality.  Each picture has a cutout that shows an item on the next page.  Gracie likes to poke her fingers through the holes.

Silly Sally by Audrey Wood
This is a silly, but fun book.  I have not yet read this to Gracie, so I don't know how she likes it.

My Books:

The Bridge of Peace: an Ada's House Novel (Book #2) by Cindy Woodsmall
I mentioned a few days ago that I will be reviewing The Harvest of Grace which is Book #3 of this series.  I have already read the first book, not long after it came out, but I've not read any since then.  Since I'm rather OCD about reading series in order, I decided to read Book #2 before reading Book #3.  The only reason why I'm not reading Book #1 to refresh my memory is because most of my books are boxed up in the shed and there's no way possible I can get to them at this time.  (For those who don't know, we're in the last stages of completing our garage that we began building last October.)

I'm sure this is a great book.  Cindy Woodsmall is a great writer.  I have been well impressed with every book that she's written.

Photoshop Elements 9: The Missing Manual by Barbara Brundage
I got this book so that I could see what Photoshop Elements is capable of and if it would suit my needs for editing images.  We are window shopping for a new camera (either the Nikon D5100 or the D7000).  I really don't want to pay for big-daddy Photoshop if Elements will do what I need it to.  (If anyone has any opinions, I'd love to hear them.)
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