Friday, September 2, 2011

Organizing the Refrigerator Door

One of my pet peeves is a jumbled-up mess in the refrigerator. An even bigger pet peeve is not being able to find a food product that I know we must have.....somewhere.  The biggest pet peeve is finding expired food products that we could've used had we known it was there!

A while back, probably more than a year ago, I took the first step in combating this problem by labeling the shelves.  First, I separated out my food products into different categories and arranged them in the fridge door.  The labels are not pretty -- and now, they are pretty well dirty and unattractive.  However, this was a great solution for me.  The bad part was that the bottles and containers didn't always make it back to the right spot.

I figured out a solution for that problem:  colored stickers.  I put a colored circle sticker on each of the products as well as a corresponding sticker on my label.  I can also write the date of expiration on the sticker -- those things are so hard to find!  This should make it very easy to do a quick reorganization if they get put out of place again.

Right now, I only have three categories color-coded because I could only find three colors of stickers.  I plan on getting more from Office Depot.  [Update:  I found some colored heart stickers at Dollar Tree -- 6 different colors.]

Here are a few pictures.  Please ignore the fact that the shelves need to be cleaned!

Notice the thermometer above the bottles?  Do not buy that kind of thermometer!  Robert bought four of them because he wanted to test the temps of the fridge & freezer of both of our refrigerator/freezer units.  They are totally NOT accurate.  I mean not even close.  He got them at Best Buy.

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