Monday, October 10, 2011

Launch Party Giveaway, Day 7: My Memories Suite Scrapbook Software

A couple of weeks ago, I was contacted by Liz Gardner of My Memories Suite scrapbook software offering to sponsor a giveaway on my blog.  I was really excited about the opportunity to give away a nice (free) product to my readers.

The My Memories website has a wealth of information and products to use.  I really like how they have “Short & Suite” tutorials for using the software on their blog. There is also a forum available for people to ask questions and share their work.

The website also has an online photobook creator which doesn’t require any software at all.  For a long time, I’ve wanted to do a photobook about Gracie’s newborn stage of life.  I’m excited about being able to do it with this online tool.

In addition to the software there are many themes, templates, and kits available, and even some free downloads (to use with the software)!

Now for the software......My Memories Suite software is available for both Windows and Mac!  It is Amazon’s #1 selling software and has earned high reviews.  It’s not just a digital scrapbook creator, but is also a creator of calendars, DVD slideshows/movies (which can also be put on iPods), and cards!

I initially had some trouble installing the software, which had nothing to do with the software, but rather with our computer setup.  First a little background:  We have several user accounts on our Mac:  one for me, one for my husband, and an "Administrator" account which has all rights and privileges.   Our personal ones do not have administrator privileges.  Usually when I install software, it will give me a popup asking for the Administrator password.  I put it in, and it does its thing.

Now for the problem:  After I agreed to the legal stuff, it asked where do I want to install it.  The default is /Applications/My Memories Suite
When I clicked Next, it told me "You have no write permissions for this directory.  Please choose another one."  I didn't know which one to choose and I certainly didn't want the program files mixed in with my data files.

I then went into the Administrator user account, went to the Downloads folder in my personal account to try to access the installation file from there.  However, it wouldn't let me open the Downloads folder!

Here's how I solved it:

I copied the installation file from my Downloads folder and pasted it into a new Downloads folder under Shared.  I logged in as Administrator and started the installation.  It went off without a hitch.  Now I can finally play with it!

When I started the software, I selected the option to create an album using their templates.  My favorite one was the one for Baby Girl (are you surprised?).

The pages were VERY easy to set up.  The only thing I didn’t like is that it didn’t allow me to use the photos that are in iPhoto.  However, I had some pictures exported from iPhoto to a folder and was able to use those.  Editing the text was very easy as well.  I did all this with a wriggling, feverish toddler in my lap!

I have not yet tried designing my own pages, though I would like to.  I think it will probably require a little bit of trial and error, but based on how easy it was to set up the first few pages, I think much of it will be rather intuitive.

My Memories Suite is very graciously giving away a free download of their software to one of my readers!

To enter, click on "Read more" to view the Rafflecopter Widget.

This is the last giveaway for our Launch Party Week of Giveaways.  Winners of all SEVEN Giveaways will be announced on Friday, October 14th.

If you do not win this software, you can still get $10 off by using the following code: STMMMS93208
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