Monday, October 24, 2011

Product Review: Woogie

"What is a Woogie?" you ask? A Woogie is a huggable, lovable stuffed animal thing that encases an iPhone or iPod Touch so that your child can play with it safely.

As I've mentioned before in my blog, Gracie has "lost" her iPhone (which is my older iPhone minus the phone), and they have shown up in really strange places (in a bowl in my pantry, for example).  It is very frustrating to have to look for the iPhone when she misplaces it.  Since she's not old enough to be very verbal, I can't simply ask her, "Where did you last have it?"

I considered getting a Key Finder (electronic device attached to keys or other prone-to-be-lost items that squeals when a button is pressed on its companion that you somehow keep from losing) and attaching it to the iPhone, but I didn't know how toddler-friendly that would be.  We tried using the "Find iPhone" app, but that doesn't work if the iDevice is out of juice.

I had seen another product that looked great for babies:  Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Apptivity Case, but I wasn't sure Gracie would go for it.  Besides that, it hides the home key which Gracie can already use quite well.  It's not much bigger than the iPhone and I think it would still be somewhat difficult to locate.

However, when I saw the Woogie (and the companions Woogie 2), I knew that would be the answer to my problem.  (I originally wanted to get the pink Woogie 2, but the website was giving me problems with the order, so I ordered the original Woogie from Amazon.)

I ordered it on a Friday, received an email saying it had been shipped on Tuesday, and it arrived on my doorstep the very next day!  I was very happy with the shipping!  I opened it up, with just a little bit of difficulty, popped in the iPhone, and gave it to Gracie.  She loves it!   Here are some pictures from when she first saw it:

It has a headphone jack to plug into so that you can listen to the iPhone with the Woogie's internal speaker.  I think it's not as loud as the iPhone (but I barely tried it out).  The cover is closed using velcro, so it'll be easy for Gracie to pull out the iPhone if she wants to, but so far that hasn't been a problem.

Another advantage is that it will keep the iPhone from getting sticky!  (Of course, Woogie will get sticky and I don't think it's machine-washable.....)
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