Monday, November 7, 2011

Blessings Board

I am probably going to redo this project, at the very least change out the background as I think it's too "busy" and distracting.

 I found this Blessings Board on Pinterest and thought it was a great idea.  It was super easy to make.

I bought a photo frame at the local Goodwill store and spray painted it white.  This step took the longest.  For some reason, it took a long time for each layer to dry.

I covered the backing with material using a spray adhesive to make it stick.  I bought the "Count Your Blessings" stickers at Walmart and the chalk markers (which I'd never used before and I think I would rather use the less-expensive dry erase markers) at Michael's.

I didn't notice until I got home that the photo frame didn't have a hook on the back, but rather a pop-out thing so that it could stand up on a table.  My husband being the handyman he is fixed that and hung up it up on the wall for me.  He was happy with the project; in fact, he said he was glad I did it because he had been thinking about the need to praise God more.

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