Tuesday, November 15, 2011

How NOT to Make a Camera Strap Cover Part 2 -- and a Successful Ending

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Brief Recap:  Saw great pin on Pinterest for making a camera strap cover.  Attempted to make it with almost disastrous results.  As I was blogging about it, I thought of a way to salvage it and make it workable.  Here we are.....

I used my handy-dandy seam ripper (Am I the only one who sometimes calls it a ream sipper?) to separate the front part of the cover.  Threw away the back part as well as the double fold bias.  Bye-bye, you meddlesome thing!

Made a new template, this time making it a little longer and a little wider than the original.

You can see a comparison here.

Traced it out, cut them out.  Then remembered I was supposed to fold the material so that it came out twice as long.

I didn't have enough material to redo correctly, so I simply cut out two more short pieces.

I sewed two of the short pieces together so that it forms a seam in the middle.  Repeat with other two.  Then I sewed each long piece to the original front piece with the embroidery (right sides together).

I used my iron to press the edges down all around in preparation for sewing the "hem" part.

Here it is with the edges sewn.

I had bought the kind of velcro that is to be sewn on.  It is thinner than the sticky kind.  I then realized that I probably did not want the seam to be seen on the opposite side, so I got out the heat 'n bond ultra hold tape and attempted to attach the velcro that way.  First, I bonded the soft part of the velcro to the tape and then bonded it to the camera strap.  Then I bonded the rough part of the velcro to the tape.  I ran into some trouble there, because it wanted to slip 'n slide.  I tried doing a second layer with not much better results.  I then put the two velcro parts together and attempted to bond the rough part of the velcro to the camera strap cover.  It didn't hold together well at all.  Maybe the corduroy was not the best material for the heat 'n bond.  So, then I had to actually sew the velcro on to the camera strap.  The heat 'n bond helped to hold it down while I sewed.  The resulting seams do not look bad at all.

And here is the final product!  It's not perfect, but it looks way better than the first version.

After I found the original pin, I found another one that looks easier to make.

Moral of the story:  When at first you don't succeed, try, try again!

Original Sources:

Source: tidymom.net via Ava on Pinterest

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  1. That looks great! I'm so glad you saved the money you spent on the embroidery. I think you're ready for your first family photo shoot, don't you? I know this great family that could be your subjects! ;) lol! So glad it worked out!

  2. Ava, You are so smart. I never could have figured all of that out. I think it looks great! Blessings!!!!

  3. Thanks, y'all!

    Valerie, wouldn't that be fun?!



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