Monday, November 14, 2011

How NOT to Make a Camera Strap Cover

When I saw this Camera Strap Tutorial on Pinterest, I became excited!  I really do not like the strap that came with my new Nikon.  I had thought about getting a new camera strap, but had not taken the time to find any online.  When I saw the tutorial, I immediately knew that's what I wanted to try.

I read the tutorial and thought out the process in my mind.  The process seemed simple enough:  very basic sewing.  Instead of using the fusible light fleece interfacing, I decided to use fleece from a cheapo baby blanket (that I had already used a part of in another project).  I already had my material on hand, a tan corduroy from a stash that my great aunt had passed along to me.

Briefly, my main mistake was not making it wide enough.  My second mistake was not specifying to the people who embroidered my name on it that it needed to be smaller.  (Talk about a costly mistake!)

In an attempt at full disclosure, here are the steps I took to make this FAILED camera strap cover.

I used a file folder to make my template.

I used the template to cut out my fleece. Later I cut the fleece even more narrow so that the layers for stitching wouldn't be too thick.

Here is the corduroy that I used for my main fabric.

I pinned the fleece to two of the corduroy pieces.

Here, I stitched the fleece to the corduroy, also stitching a zigzag pattern in the middle to make sure it lay flat.

This is after I stitched the remaining pieces of corduroy to cover the fleece.

This is after I had my name embroidered on one of the corduroy pieces.  I planned on stitching the two long sides together and then turning it inside-out.  It was so thick, there was no way I could turn it inside-out.  Not only that, but the opening was too narrow for my camera strap! So I had to improvise.

My improvisation involved buying some blue double fold bias tape and stitching it to the long sides, wrong sides together.  Here, I laid it out, pinned it all together, and then stitched each side.

Then, I took another piece of blue double-fold bias tape and stitched it to the other side, forming a tube. Silly me forgot to think about how I was going to finish off the ends.

Here is the final product.  I can't even get the camera strap off of my camera to see how it would've looked.  With the ends being unfinished, and it being such a poor job overall, I'm not going to be using it.  I can't even think of how to salvage it.
Well, there you have it.  A good idea gone bad.  It wouldn't matter quite so much except that I paid $16 to have my name embroidered on it.  I hate wasting money like that.  At least I didn't spend the $40 they quoted to have it say "Ava Kinsey Photography"!

Hmmm......I just thought of a way that I can maybe rework it.  It involves using the seam ripper (again!) and another piece or two of corduroy.   Hmmm....I might can get some velcro involved.   <....Staring off into space with squinty eyes and mumbling to myself....>

Stay tuned for Part 2!!

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  1. Oh no!! I'm so sorry! It was really lovely. I hope you can salvage it. {Eagerly awaiting part 2!}



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