Wednesday, February 29, 2012

February Projects

Earlier this year, I posted my rough outline of projects I wanted to complete each month of this year.  I now have a tab for a current view of that post at the top of my blog.

February 2012 Projects

1) Christmas Project:  Christmas book bags

2) Valentine Projects:

3)  Make Your Own Paper Dolls

4)  Surprise Project!
     I have some of the materials and hope to get the rest this week.

5)  Make a Toddler Menu
     I have not even started on this.  I will have to move it to March.

6)  Organizing:  Clean out File Cabinet and get ready for doing taxes.
      I have not really started on this yet, either.

~~~~~~ Reflections ~~~~~~

I would've liked to have done more, especially for Valentine's Day.  However, I am happy with what I did get to do (especially doing all of those Christmas book bags!)  I would have had more done had I not been sick the last couple of days.  Sometimes "real life" gets in the way of the best of plans.
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