Monday, July 2, 2012

iPhone 4 Problem: Home Button is Non-Responsive

About a year after I had my iPhone 4, I noticed a problem:  When I pressed the home button, I would have to press it several times in order for it to work.  The problem would come and go, getting worse each time.

Solution #1:  (Free!)
After Googling for help, I came up with this as a work-around:

Go to Settings, select General, scroll down to the bottom and select Accessibility, scroll down to the bottom and change the Assistive Touch to On.

The General Settings screen
The Accessibility screen

This will put a home button icon on the screen.  The icon can be moved out of the way to different positions around the perimeter of the screen.

When you touch the home button icon, it opens up to show this:

You can simply touch the home icon at the bottom to essentially do the same thing as the home button does when it works.  It's kind of a pain, but it works.

Solution #2:  (Expensive!)

When I had my yard sale last month, I accidentally dropped my phone on the driveway.  It hit in just the right way and cracked the screen.  I was horrified and somewhat devastated.  We went to the mall and had the screen replaced.  To my surprise, it actually fixed the home button problem!!  I could immediately tell a difference in the way the home button feels.  It feels set in deeper.  To date, I've not had any more trouble with it being nonresponsive.

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