Friday, April 4, 2014

{Almost} Paperless Organizing: AnyList (Post 7)

 Now for one of my favorite new apps, AnyList.  I use AnyList for my on-the-go shopping lists and for a Honey-Do list.
AnyList has a very clean interface that makes it easy to read and to use.  It allows you to set up multiple shopping lists in any way you choose.  I have shopping lists set up for several different stores.  I also have another list (not shown) called Random Look for Stuff which has items that I want to look for in various places before deciding on which one to purchase.  Theoretically, you could use this app for making other lists as well, but this works out very well for me.

My Shopping Lists

Within My Grocery List, I can set items into specific categories which, for me, correspond to the area of the store in which I find the item.  I can also indicate in which order these categories are shown.  I have a certain route that I take when I go to Walmart and I can arrange the categories to follow that route.  When I get an item on my shopping list, I have the option of having the item go away when I tap it to cross it off.  This makes it easier to find remaining items without scrolling up and down.

Not only can you set up different shopping lists, but you can also input recipes and tell AnyList to put the ingredients into your shopping lists.  I started out inputting recipe ingredients, but decided that was too much for me to handle. It is very easy to just type in the items since it has its own search and autocomplete.  I do, however, use the recipes area to set up a "recipe" called Staples and another one called "Sam's Club."  My Staples recipe has ingredients for which I check every week to see if I need to get them at the store.  Milk, bread, etc.  Sam's Club ingredients are those items that we prefer to get at Sam's.

AnyList can be synced across two more devices.  This is helpful because my husband can put items in my list and it'll show up on my phone.  I can input items that I want to get from Sam's Club, and he can pick those up for me.  (I dislike shopping in Sam's with Gracie.  It takes much longer than I want it to.)

I have tried a number of shopping lists, and this is my favorite.


Someone from AnyList app wrote me the same day this post was published and gave me a very helpful tip:

Hi Ava,

Thanks for writing a blog post about AnyList! We’re glad to hear that you like the app, and appreciate you helping to spread the word.

One note: instead of using recipes to keep track of commonly purchased items, you could try using our favorites feature:

The benefit of using favorites is that it is integrated with our autocomplete feature, so items from your favorites will be suggested as you type.

Hope this helps, and thanks again!

I tried out this feature, and I love it!

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