Wednesday, April 2, 2014

{Almost} Paperless Organizing: Wunderlist (Post 6)

"Wunderlist, Wunderlist, I use you every day, to help keep me organized in every way."  For some reason, I am tempted to ing that to the tune of Wonder Pets whenever I say Wunderlist in my head.  Yes, I do have a 4-year-old.

Wunderlist is a to do list management program that can be accessed on the computer, iPhone, and iPad.  Yes, it's available for PCs and Androids, too.

I use Wunderlist for both do-it-once tasks and for recurring tasks.

My favorite feature in Wunderlist is the ability to group tasks into categories.  Most of my categories have to do with what time of day I perform these tasks.

1-Morning Checklist  I do these first thing in the morning, or as soon as I can after getting up.

Weekly Checklist  These are tasks that are assigned to specific days.

2a-Daily Tasks  I do these tasks sometime in the middle of the day.  Basically after 1-Morning and before my husband gets home from work.

2b-Housecleaning Tasks  This is a new and somewhat untried category.  By that, I mean that I have assigned a number of housecleaning tasks to a particular day and frequency (some are every 2 weeks or every 3 months).  This idea is roughly based off of The Motivated Moms calendar of housecleaning tasks.

3-Evening Routine  These are tasks that I do after supper.

4-Computer/Must Do  These tasks are done at the computer, and I prefer to do all of these every day.  Sometimes I begin these tasks during the day; other times, I do them at night.

5-Computer/Can Skip  These tasks can wait.

6-Computer/By Myself  I do these when I am by myself (i.e. My husband and daughter are asleep, and, therefore, cannot interrupt me.)  This is when I work on editing photos.

7-End of the Day  I do these tasks before I go to bed.  (That reminds me, I need to take my vitamins.  Hang on......)

Pinterest (several categories).  Some time ago, I wrote a blog post about how I figured out a way to keep up with reviewing my pins on Pinterest so that I'm not just a Pin Hoarder but a Pin Doer.  I review these boards on a regular basis (as I have time).  Those categories contain tasks to remind me to look at certain boards.

Declutter Challenges.  I follow a blog that assigns different decluttering challenges and this serves as my reminder to do those.

At the very top, there are three default lists that come with Wunderlist:  Inbox (which is a collection of uncategorized tasks), Today, and Week.  I use Inbox for putting random things that I'd like to do this week or on a certain day.  I never look at Week because that would be overwhelming.  I generally keep the Today list in view and I move through the list, checking off what I have completed or what I have chosen to skip.  (Yes, it's ok to skip something and do it the next time it rolls around!)

Just about everything (with the exception of the tasks in the Inbox list) has a due date and a repeat frequency.  Each task will say when it is due:  Today or maybe past due on yesterday or a previous date.  Sometimes I keep a past-due task in view until I can get it done; most of the time, I check the task off.

Wunderlist is very easy to use.  This offers me a way to "check off" what I have done and have the tasks appear auto-magically which saves me time.

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